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Corrugated carton packing

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What are the advantages of corrugated cartons in use?

Date:2017-12-08 Author:hangyupack1.testxy.com Click:

Abstract: with the development of the market, the number of corrugated box packaging is increasing in the market of Suzhou. This is related to the advantages of its application. What are the advantages of Carton?

1. easy to transport

Corrugated carton products help transport in use, many products in the transportation if stacked together to transport there will be some instability, so the stability of corrugated box to help the goods in transit, there is a certain degree of improvement in the number of goods transport.



2. convenient publicity

Corrugated box in use but also facilitate the market publicity, many manufacturers have to choose corrugated boxes because external corrugated boxes can be printed in some counseling, consumers get hands and in the process of transportation are invisible in the promotion, mobile advertising alone.

3. is beneficial to environmental protection

Corrugated box in use is very convenient for environmental protection, corrugated boxes on the market is the re-use of waste materials, meet the needs of the market development in use, the environmental pollution is very small, so in the market occupies a very important position, make a contribution to protecting the environment.

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