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Corrugated carton packing

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Heavy-duty box


The heavy-duty box is a kind of high strength and special made of corrugated cardboard cartons, because its price is significantly lower than wooden box, and export fumigation free, environmental protection, strong recovery, packing and unpacking operation fast and convenient, high compressive strength, good cushioning performance so it is used to replace the traditional wooden cases in recent years widely used in high-end industry chain product packaging, applicable industries are auto parts, aerospace parts, motorcycle, scooter, instrument, electrical appliances, machinery, civil and military supplies and other large.

The heavy-duty packing box adopts seven layers of corrugated cardboard (AAA) or five ply corrugated cardboard (AA) . According to the design of packaging,container space will not be wasted, and it is a new type of environmental protection packaging mode.

1, good waterproof performance, high strength while the production of corrugated cardboard, can effectively protect the safety of the contents.

2. It has strong recyclability and can be used repeatedly. The cost of packaging is greatly reduced.

3. Compared with the light weight of the wooden case, it is easy to carry and pack, and the operation is simple and efficient.

4, suitable for air, sea and land transportation. It will not collide with each other in transportation, and it will also be exported successfully without fumigation.

5, the waste treatment is simple, and it will not cause pollution to the link.

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